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February 11, 2020

These little people are so, so, so special. They are my cousins babies and we are all so much in love with them. When Brittany and I are together, it’s just a way for me to re-live the best days of my life, when my babies were little. I literally loved that stage of life more than any other that I’ve experienced…. Yet! I’m sure I’ll look back on these teenage years that I am in now and love them too. But I just don’t know that anything is more sweet than the early years of motherhood. And that is where she is now. And it’s so beautiful. I love watching her grow into a mother, with her own ways, and learning to form her own motherhood. It’s funny because she asks me 100x over what I might think about something with her babies and I am ALWAYS telling her…. “I do not know what is right for YOU and your babies! Girl, you know way better than I do what is right for you and them!!” Ha! But nevertheless, she will ask again! And I just think that is also part of growing. And it’s so sweet.

Can we all talk about how wonderfully beautiful her babies are? We took about 4 minutes one afternoon last week and shot these. Yes. 4 minutes. It was actually quite warm when we decided to shoot. But, by the time everyone was ready, the clouds had come and blocked the sun light and the wind was kind of blowing and it was just not going to work! It was too cold. We will try again in the spring.

For now, enjoy this pasty little baby & his big sister!


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